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Wie sind Brustschmerzen vor der Menstruation?

Many women have symptoms of breast swelling and pain before menstruation. This is one of the symptoms of pre-menstrual tension in women. The phenomenon of breast swelling and tenderness in light cases and painful swelling in heavy cases is caused by slight vibration. This phenomenon is mainly due to the influence of estrogen level in women's premenstrual bodies to varying degrees. When estrogen level increases, breast hyperplasia will occur. The presence of edema in the breast causes premenstrual syndrome, which disappears naturally with the onset of menstruation. This is also the relevant explanation of breast pain before menstruation.

Before menstruation, what is breast pain? There are many girls who have first menstruation who are very puzzled. First, the embarrassment and inconvenience of breast pain. Breast swelling, stiffness and gentle touch will hurt, slight body shaking will also have a painful feeling, basically there will be granular, all because female estrogen levels are increasing. Female premenstrual distension mainly has several categories: 1. The performance of liver and kidney yin deficiency in addition to breast distension, but also has poor sleep quality, often dizziness, physical weakness and other complications, such as this situation to eat more nourishing Yin and kidney food, or traditional Chinese medicine to regulate; 2. Liver depression and Qi stagnation, this situation is mainly due to the usual pressure of life, too much work pressure, guide. Emotional play, not only chest pain, but also chest complications, emotional explosion, dryness and other symptoms, menstruation will be accompanied by black blood clots, this time to eat more liver, Qi tonic food or traditional Chinese medicine; 3, liver depression and spleen dampness; in addition to the problem of chest distention, lower abdomen will also have a sense of falling pain, stomach will become poor, physical weakness, menstrual volume, blood color is very light. At this time, we should eat food or medicine to invigorate the spleen and remove dampness.

Female menstruation will have many symptoms before the onset of menstruation, the most common is lower abdominal pain, chest swelling, these two more common physiological manifestations, but also unique to women, if this pain can be tolerated, in fact, it is not necessary to care about it, as long as it does not affect physical health, as menstruation will naturally disappear, the above is to explain the breast swelling pain before menstruation. I hope this question will be helpful.