Q: What is your concept of the Market & Distribution?

In order to make our products available to the ultimate consumer in targeted markets, MIDETAN will strictly select importers, agents, distributors, wholesalers, retail outlets and direct marketers in selected countries around the world who have the marketing and distribution capabilities to reach the consumer. 
The ultimate customer of our customer is the consumer. In many countries, the majority of the population is concerned with good health and appearance. Our customers may want to choose those channels designed for volume distribution or those that sustain higher retail prices in their respective countries. 
Prices from MIDETAN allow the customer to earn substantial profit margins. Retail prices to the consumer are often five times and in most cases ten times what we charge our customer. In your marketing, you can deliver to your customer a supply for whatever duration you choose. Our pricing allows our customer to resell the products at a reasonable price while making a significant profit.
MIDETAN  will strictly divide the market to ensure benign, Long-term, stable and profitable sales.