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Die traditionelle chinesische Medizin achtet auf Akupunkturpunkte, und im Körper des Menschen gibt es viele Gipsverarbeitungs- und Akupunkturpunkte. Durch die Stimulierung von Akupunkturpunkten kann es den Gesundheitszustand der Lotionspastenproduktion regulieren. Wenn Gips jedoch mit Salbe verarbeitet wird, wird auch auf einen Akupunkturpunkt geachtet. Hier werden wir über Akupunktpaste und Akupunkturpunkt-Anwendungstherapie sprechen, die auf der Theorie der Verarbeitung von Nebenprodukten und der Herstellung der traditionellen chinesischen Medizin-Meridianpaste basiert. Um das Arzneimittel zu feinem Pulver zu verarbeiten, verwenden Sie Wasser, Essig, Wein, Eiweiß, Honig, Pflanzenöl, Erfrischungsöl, flüssiges Arzneimittel oder sogar Salbe, um Speichelpaste herzustellen, oder verwenden Sie geronnene Öle (z. B. Vaseline), gelben Essig oder Reis , Jujubeschlamm, um eine weiche Lotionspaste, eine Pille oder einen Kuchen herzustellen, oder die Suppe der chinesischen Medizin zu einer Paste aufkochen, oder die Arznei auf der Paste verteilen, dann direkt auf Akupunkturpunkte, Akupunkturpunkte, gekochten Reis und Jube auftragen. Der betroffene Bereich (Ashi-Akupunkturpunkt) ist eine nicht-invasive und schmerzlose Akupunkttherapie zur Behandlung von Krankheiten.

Characteristics of acupoint application: acupoint application therapy makes acupoints by directly stimulating plaster processing with drugs, and through transdermal absorption, the local drug concentration is obviously higher than that of other parts, and its effect is more direct. Its indications are widespread in clinical departments. "It can be parallel with internal treatment, while plaster replacement processing can make up for the inadequacy of internal treatment." It can often achieve unexpected remarkable effects on many chronic diseases. 。 Acupoint Application Therapy Lotion sticker production without gastrointestinal administration, no harm to the spleen and stomach, treatment does not commit, treatment does not commit, treatment does not commit, treatment does not commit up and down. Even if there are skin allergies or blisters in the process of plaster preparation in clinical application, the treatment can be discontinued in time, symptomatic treatment can be given, the symptoms will soon disappear, and can continue to use. Acupoint application ointment substitute processing has many simple drug compatibility and production, easy to learn and use, no special medical equipment and equipment. Whether it is a doctor or a patient or a family member, they can learn at the same time and use it as they learn. The medicines used in acupoint application method are rare medicinal materials (such as musk), most of them are traditional Chinese herbal medicines produced with regular lotion stickers, which are inexpensive. Some of them even come from daily necessities, such as onion, ginger, garlic, pepper and so on. Moreover, this method has little processing capacity, which can not only alleviate the economic burden of patients, but also save a lot of medicinal materials. Applying therapy is a combination of merits of acupuncture and drug treatment. The composition of prescriptions used mostly comes from ointment processing in clinical experience. After a long period of time and historical verification, the curative effect is remarkable, and it is non-traumatic and painless. It is especially suitable for those who are afraid of needles, the weak body of old and young, when it is difficult to apply tonic and diarrhea, or those who refuse to take medicine.

According to the selected acupoints, appropriate posture should be taken so that the medicine can be applied safely. Before patching, the lotion is produced by patching the label, and the acupoints are fixed. The local area is washed with warm water or rubbed with ethanol cotton ball. Then the medicine is applied. There are also those who use penetration aids. Before applying the drugs, they should first apply the penetration AIDS or penetration AIDS on the acupoints and mix them with the drugs before using them.

For the medicines applied, whether paste, paste or pounding paste, they should be well fixed to avoid moving or falling off. They can be fixed directly with adhesive tape or covered with gauze or oil paper before being fixed with adhesive tape instead of ointment. At present, special dressings are produced by lotion stickers specially designed for acupoint application. It is very convenient to use and fix them. If you need to change dressings, you can dip the sterilized dry cotton ball in warm water or various vegetable oils, or paraffin oil gently wipe off the drug sticking to the skin, then apply the medicine after drying.

Im Allgemeinen sollten Arzneimittel mit geringer Reizung alle 1-3 Tage ohne Gipsverarbeitung zu lösungsmittelvermittelten Arzneimitteln gewechselt werden und können auf 5-7 Tage verlängert werden. Bei Medikamenten mit starker Irritationssalbenbehandlung sollte die Anwendungszeit abhängig von der Reaktion und dem Schäumungsgrad der Patienten zwischen einigen Minuten und mehreren Stunden bestimmt werden. Wenn eine weitere Anwendung erforderlich ist, sollte die lokale Haut vor der Anwendung grundsätzlich normal sein.

For cold syndrome, hot compress or moxibustion can be applied on the medicine after application.