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Anwendung von Gips

The use of plaster must refer to the product instructions. When muscle contusion or joint or ligament injury is caused by inadvertent exercise or labor, do not immediately apply dampness analgesic ointment or musk chasing ointment to the injured part. Because this kind of plaster has the function of activating blood circulation and dispersing blood stasis, the purpose of detumescence and pain relief can not be achieved immediately after injury. If there is local damage, plaster should not be pasted directly on the damaged area in order to avoid the occurrence of purulent infection. All plasters containing musk, frankincense, safflower, myrrh, peach kernel and other components of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis should be banned by pregnant women. If papules and blisters appear on the local skin after plaster, and itching is intense, it shows that the plaster is allergic, it should be stopped immediately and antiallergic treatment should be carried out. First, disinfect the swelling and pain area with 80% alcohol, or wipe it with ginger slices; if there is a wound, wash the pus blood with dilute potassium permanganate solution, then test-dry it, then spread out the folded ointment on a small fire to soften it, sometimes because of the need of illness, evenly sprinkle some powder on the ointment, then fold it repeatedly, spread out the ointment, so that the powder can be mixed into it faster and better. Curative effect.

If itching occurs, massage outside the plaster. If it doesn't work, uncover the plaster, rub the itch with alcohol cotton ball, and then warm the plaster. If there is pus in the affected area, some gauze can be added to the plaster surface, or a small hole can be clipped in the plaster sheet, so that the hole and the wound can be applied correspondingly, so as to expel pus. For those who have erosion, pain or blisters, they can be treated by plaster extraction, or by removing the plaster, disinfecting it with alcohol, then applying red medicine, and dressing it with gauze. When plastering plaster, such as Shangshi Zhitong ointment and Xiaoyan Zhitong ointment, the affected area should be wiped off with alcohol cotton ball, and the film on the plaster should be torn off for application. But if skin erosion and trauma combined with infection, it should not be applied.

Die Salbe enthält oft duftende Komponenten, daher sollten schwangere Frauen vorsichtig sein, vor allem in der Nabelschnur, in der Taille und im Bauch. Hautallergien sollten nicht angewendet werden. Während der Gipszeit sollte vermieden werden, rohe und kalte Speisen zu essen. Das nicht verwendete Pflaster kann an einem kühlen und trockenen Ort gelagert werden, um ein Schmelzen oder Motten im Sommer zu verhindern.