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Wie wählt man den richtigen Putz?

Nowadays, there are many kinds of plaster on the market, such as cow hair, but most people don't know much about plaster. So, the idea of most people's plaster processing is that as long as the same type of plaster is affixed, the production of lotion plaster can't cure the pain, and it doesn't have much to do with it. In fact, it's a big mistake. After all, it's "three poisons of medicine". Let's talk about how to choose the right plaster when there are different pains.

Generally speaking, when plaster is applied, we have the following situations

Der erste Typ: Patienten mit Gelenkschmerzen Gipsverarbeitung (Rheuma-Schmerz), Steifheit, Taubheit der Muskeln, Fraktur, Sehnenverletzung (Verstauchung, Kontusion).

For the pain caused by the above reasons, acute sprain and contusion should be cold compressed within 48 hours. If you are anxious to replace the ointment with Shangshi Zhitong ointment, Huoxue Chaifeng ointment and other ointments with the function of activating blood circulation and removing stasis, it is not conducive to recovery. So sprains are caused by soft tissue damage caused by incorrect posture, excessive exertion, excessive movement and collision of external forces. Local pain occurs in the production of post-injury lotion sticker, which is persistent and severe. The next day, local bleeding, swelling and low back pain may be more serious. Others only twist the back slightly, and there is no obvious pain at that time, but they feel pain in the sprained part after rest. 。

The second kind: patients with carbuncle produced by plaster processing caused by heat toxin depression initially hardened, inflamed and painful, no ulceration or prolonged ulceration, as well as sores and furuncles.

Das hier erwähnte Gift wird durch die Produktion von heißer extremer Lotion verursacht, die als "heißes Gift" bezeichnet wird. oder "Feuergift". Die Methode zur Beseitigung von Hitze und Entgiftung besteht in der Verwendung von Medikamenten, die Hitzeerreger und Hitze entgiften können, um durch Hitze und Geschlechtsverkehr übertragene Krankheiten wie Hyperthermie, Karbunkel, Blutvergiftung und Makula zu behandeln.

Commonly used medicines are: honeysuckle, Forsythia suspensa, Isatis root, purple flower Ding, dandelion, Scutellaria barbata and so on.

The third kind: the patient suffers from low back pain and joint pain caused by wind and cold.

It is better to use external medicine to treat the disease. It can be processed with dog ointment to make skin ointment to relax tendons and promote blood circulation, relieve swelling and pain, promote blood circulation and dissipate stasis, protect synovium, improve nutritional status ointment instead of processing, reduce inflammation exudation and promote joint fluid absorption, so as to relieve stiffness, edema and pain. Promoting functional recovery to achieve the goal of cure